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Testimonials and Success Stories

Here you can find out what our clients have been saying about us. The following are success stories and quotes from our clients:

Marketing to Generate Revenue

In just one month I booked work worth the same amount as my total turnover in the entire previous year.  
I was completely amazed at the increase and the ease with which it came about.  
It’s been an exciting year and I am absolutely delighted with this result.”
Sarah Smith, Indigo Coaching and Leadership Development
Since working with Lisa I have achieved a 25% increase in my revenue by focussing on the areas of my professional practice which best showcase my skills. Along the way, I have let go of other less fulfilling professional practice, without any sign of regret …and in fact relief! I really feel as if your support has enabled me to progress in the direction I have formerly dreamed of!
Sarah Miles-Smith, Milestone Training Solutions
We now have a steady flow of business coming in.  It’s been valuable to work on our messages and I am more confident that I know how to present the business.”
Rob Goldsmith, Dream Vision Media www.dreamvisionmedia.co.uk
I’ve already got 3 new clients including one who wants to work with me on a 6-month programme.  I’m so happy with these results, I’m feeling much more confident too.  It was amazing how easy it was to sell the programmes now Lisa has given me a system to work with. 
I’m celebrating and I’ve just bought myself my dream car which is such fun to drive. 
Thank you Lisa, your programme is really helping me develop and grow my business.”
Therese Hoyle, Therese Hoyle Consultancies, www.theresehoyle.com
My sessions with Lisa have been a great investment; since working with Lisa I have more than tripled my income! I am more focussed; more relaxed about my business, and have used the marketing strategies learned. The results – lots of new clients, a rewarding and more successful coaching business – that’s the power of coaching! Thank you Lisa”
Lindsey Reed, Glows Coaching www.glows-coaching.co.uk
I have already won a great project with a new client. Very soon after starting work with Lisa I know with real clarity what I most care about, who my prospective customers are, and what I can offer to meet their needs. Lisa’s coaching is powerful and productive.”
Ray Charlton, Creativity and Commitment at Work
You get five stars for our session today, you gave me a strategy to bring in an extra £75,000 a year that is so easy. I would never have seen this by myself, it will give my clients a huge transformation and it won’t take up that much of my time to deliver.”
Gladeana McMahon, www.cognitivebehaviouralcoachingworks.com

Getting Clients By Speaking

I implemented the marketing strategy in my first follow-up meeting, it was a great success and resulted in a new client very easily. As a result of the day on ‘Getting Clients By Speaking’ I now have a clear way of bringing everything together as a cohesive strategy to reach more potential clients. 
I’ve acquired some transferable skills which I can use in other aspects of my business such as structuring meetings with a prospective client.  Now, I know how to tell them what I can do for them rather than giving them detailed advice.  Before, these meetings could run up to two and a half hours and now I’ve got them down to 45-60 minutes so it saves a lot of time.”
Carolyn Burchell, Composure Accounting and Taxation Ltd, www.composureaccounting.co.uk
“I was delighted with the results from my next presentation, the content we’d worked on sold itself.  My two closes went extremely well with 100% of the audience wanting further information and 80% wanting a follow-up meeting with me.  Already one person is interested in working with me one-to-one.”
Paul Palmer, Paul Palmer Ltd, Business Advisor, www.paulrpalmer.com
From giving a talk I gained eleven new clients using some of the techniques I learned from Lisa.  Two of them became long-term clients and two years later I’m still working with one of them regularly.”
Debbie Watkins, Health Screening Practitioner
I’ve spoken to a lot of people and no-one delivers results like you do. That’s why I wanted to work with you.”
Paula Ruane, Bio-Energetics
I’ve got much more of an idea and focus for my presentation and how to convert the interest that I know is there into money.”  
Dr Sam Type, Geek Ltd, www.geek.ltd.co.uk

Marketing to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business

The Marketing Day exceeded our expectations.  It was so valuable to have an expert who works with professional services providers to give us proven advice on what marketing works for a firm like ours. This was the first time we have really defined who our target markets are and what is the language of their needs.  
Other people had been advising us to have at least 10 different marketing activities, so it was a relief to stop trying to do everything and to focus on what works for our targeted individuals and just have a small number of actions. Marketing seemed like a ‘smoke and mirrors’ mystery, but thanks to Lisa now we know exactly what to do.”  
Charlotte Smith, Cityzen LLP, Architecture, Environment and Sustainability, www.cityzendesign.co.uk
After a session with Lisa I went to a client meeting which resulted, seemingly effortlessly in work worth thousands of pounds. Lisa is brilliant at getting me to answer the key questions about how I do business, and what works for me. At the same time she makes sure that I work in my natural style and use the strengths of that style to win business.”
Jonathan Stoneman, Stonepeople Media
I’m delighted to report – yippee! I have signed up my first client as a result of our Marketing VIP Day – payable up front, for the fee I asked for, no quibbles!”
Caroline Talbott Ltd, Catalyst for Change
I knew that the Marketing Day would be very good, but it far exceeded my expectations! The way that you read me, gave me feedback and guided me through the marketing plan was fabulous. Thanks for a great day, it was hugely valuable.”
Peter Milligan, New Generation Leaders
I worked with Lisa from the start of my business and we are now in our 5th year. She helped me to ‘see’ issues and translate the vision for my company. Her techniques were all new to me when I started working with her but they were invaluable to helping the success of my business. I would highly recommend Lisa.”
Annie Barr, Clinical Director, Annie Barr Associates
“The investment just for the first hour this morning has been more than worth it. We found opportunities sitting right in front of me in my business that can bring in over £50,000.”
Carol Alford, Alford Associates Ltd
My sessions with Lisa have helped me take my business through the roof!! I started working with Lisa when I was a practitioner, I soon became very successful with clients from all over the world. Now a trainer and author, I still go back to Lisa when I feel ready to take my business to the next level. She always helps me to define and realise my vision.”
Sasha Allenby, Author and Trainer
This has easily been the best investment I have made to date in my business.  I am now certain that I can market myself with confidence and integrity.”
Annie Broadbent, Independent Consultant

Marketing VIP Days

“Initially I was very reluctant to spend the time on marketing because of my pre-conceptions of what it would be about. However I was blown away by the marketing work we did together.  As well as having a marketing strategy, I now also have a way of bringing all the separate strands of my business together into a cohesive whole.  This is a very valuable and unexpected result as it will help me take my business to the next level in a way that feels both exciting and motivating.  Thank you so much, you were superb.”
Ralph Lewis,  Author of Developing Your Inner Leadership, Programme Director at London Business School
At the end of the Marketing Day I felt inspired and energised.  
Within two weeks I was celebrating having two new clients both on my new £1,000 package.
 I now have everything I need as I have been completely provided with all the tools to move forward. I know I can call you if I get stuck, so that gives me a great peace of mind.  To know I’m working with you in a 6-month programme is so important to me. For other business owners who value their success and their sense of all things being possible, I would say the Marketing Day is an essential.”  
Pearl Jordan, Health & Wellness Consultancy