Free Marketing Toolkit

How to Get More Clients and Avoid Marketing Mistakes   This toolkit gives you a marketing plan template and tips on how to get more clients. Fill in the >

Do you know how much you are worth?

Often coaches, consultants and other experts set their charges too low because they are not confident enough of their value. If you’ve not heard >

How do you follow up?

Following up with potential clients can generate a considerable amount of additional revenue if you do it in the right way. The fortune is >

What Do You Need On Your Website?

Often people want to update or refresh their site but they are not sure what to what to write or >

Developing a Marketing Plan

When you are developing your marketing plan keep it short and simple.  You are far more likely to use it to take action and to update it if it >

Free Marketing Plan Template

To help you to create your marketing plan, there is a Free Marketing Plan Template on this site.  Go to the box on the right hand side to fill >

Marketing Tactics

When choosing your marketing tactics, a problem a lot of my clients talk about is having too many things to do.  They love it when I suggest they only >

Website Marketing Plan

To create your website marketing plan, you first need to decide which type of website will work best for you. The answers to the following questions will help you >

Pricing Strategies

Your pricing strategy includes both how to value and price your services.  It is something many people struggle with by themselves.  It’s an important step when I’m working with >

Success in Business

To maximise your success in business, it’s important to know what is working well for you. Many times we move into the next year with goals and plans without >

What’s Your Vision?

The article below is to help you to create a vision for your business which is both motivating and inspiring. Even if you already have a vision for you >

Small Business Marketing Plan

  For a Small Business, What is Most Important in a Marketing Plan? There are key differences between developing a marketing plan for a small business compared to a >

Does Advertising Work for a Small Business?

One question I’ve been asked many times is “Does advertising work for a small business?  What I have found over 25 years experience is that there are far more >

Have You Ever Found Selling a Challenge?

Selling our services and ourselves can sometimes feel like a daunting task when we run our own business. At a recent small business conference I noticed very few entrepreneurs >

How to Overcome Marketing Overwhelm?

If you have too many things to do then you’ll enjoy the short article on overcoming marketing overwhelm.  I’ve kept it as short and specific as possible so you >

Visualisation to Get More Clients

Using visualisation to get more clients can help you attract new clients and increase your income with astonishing speed.  I use it alongside traditional marketing methods.   I’ve found >

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing can give you a huge advantage over your competition. Many of my clients want to find their niche, or specialism. Often it is one of the first >

Creating a Successful Marketing Mindset

Creating a successful marketing mindset is equally important to having the right marketing actions in your marketing plan. For a small business, having a mind that can see things >

Are You Undercharging?

Undercharging can be a serious problem for a small business owner. When you are deciding how to price and package your services, often it is useful to get some >

Three Ways to Generate Cash

If you want to generate some extra cash, a great way to do this is to think of one idea or project that can add a significant income stream >